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Latest Workouts of the Day! #WOD

Wednesday WOD (4/18/18)

7 MINUTES AMRAPS (21 Minutes Workout TIme) 10 Pushups 20 Walking Lunges 30 Jump Rope Singles (Lateral Jumps if unable)  ...

Tuesday WOD (4/17/18)

12 by 12 Workout! (Don’t worry, it’s almost Hump Day!) 12 sets of 12 reps Pushups Squats Situps Lunges Burpees

Sunday WOD (4/15/18)

FIT-FLUENTIAL BOOT CAMP START BY RUNNING 1 or 1/2 MILE REPEAT 3x 10 Squats 10 Pushups 10 Dips RUN 1...

Saturday WOD (4/14/18)

TORTURE BY 10s 3 Rounds 10 Pushups 20 Crunches 30 Squats 40 Lunges 50 Jumping Jacks 60 second wall-sit *Modification:...

Friday WOD (4/13/18)

KETTLEBELL WORKOUT OF THE DAY 15 Squat Snatch 15 Goblet Squat 15 Sumo High Pull 15 Front Lunge + Press...

Thursday WOD (4/12/18)

WARMUP (Of Your Choice): 10 Minutes WORKOUT – 20 Minute AMRAP 21 Wall Balls 15 Box Jumps 5 Burpees 9...

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